Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Drunken Stupor

Stupor n. complete or partial loss of consciousness; dazed state; lethargy.

...yep that 'bout sums it up...the dazed and lethargic aspects a point,i only drink at the 'holidays'...i only partake at home,i will not drink and drive.My favorite...Tequila...Cuervo to be specific,second is irish coffee,the morning after said tequila...i cant afford baileys,so i get one of two others,carrolanns or st brendans,the latter being my 'other' favorite...truthfully cant afford Jose Cuervo either...but there is no substitute.
Not this year,dont get me wrong,gonna have 'spirits' alright,some of the best corn liquor i've had in twentyplus years...i'll do it right folks,no more 'dazed state' more 'lethargy'.
Now i'm sittin' here in front of y'all(haven't had a nip since newyear last)sippin' somethin' i wish i could share...some tonite,just a little 'warmer'(mississippi can be/is cold)...more on turkey day,but...gonna save most of it,medicinal purposes(therapy).
As of this past spring i made up my mind,only drink whats earned,mainly cuz last spring we made a deal,workin for a friend in his garden,got me some good produce,and corns greatest gift to man...good ol'fashion 'moonshine'(along with a couple bottles of muscadine wine).

No longer will i be 'dazed' longer will i be 'lazy'...more of my couple hrs 'downtime' will be redirected,i was able to do all my chores,then spitpolish two ARs,an both my pistols(only one of the three,a pistol,had been fired)...but im still proud of myself.
From now on,the path i will follow will be one of vigil and practice,unfortunately my livefire excersizes have been seriously curtailed,so i get to run around and yell BOOM,BOOM...BOOM,BOOM...
I haven't spent a dime on anything that wasn't in the budget(yes,a budget,its the only way living check to check)
I haven't spent a dime on ANYTHING that wasn't in the budget...BUT...since i didn't have to spend the budgeted money on booze,that portion of the 'holidays booze money' went to ammo...not just any ammo...Thanksgiving Ammo(no further explanation necessary right ? )

Now that i've resigned myself to this latest transition,i can look forward to Christmas Ammo...while i load up some more mags,and make ready the gunsafe...Hell,i'm gonna 'clean' a couple more shooters,sip a little more shine,and now that everyones in bed,i can practice.

This is Wishing All Who May Read : HAPPY THANKSGIVING.MAY GOD BLESS US AND OUR REPUBLIC ammo,practice,be prepared...


Shy Wolf said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Ken. Give that turkey a little shot of Jose', too- he may need it for the trip ahead of him. ;)

Bullseye said...

Happy Thanksgiving Brother, I love it when we get to drink'n and want to clean our guns,haha!! When I get real drunk I always think this would be a good time to check all the breakers in the breaker box, to make sure they are good'n tight

BTW, the gun is a Taurus Model 85, 38sp. If your buddy knows where I might find the parts I need please let me know. Thanks for keeping it in mind. I'm away from the Fort right now, be back fri evening.