Sunday, November 23, 2008

Posterity-what to do ?

...while commenting on a friends blog,it made me want to pose a question:
How can we do more,for future generations,to learn/never forget,our history,and our current predicament ? most who will comment here,i do my very best to teach my children the parts of history,that 'schools' will not...i do not homeschool per se,my wife and myself are involved in the childrens schools(her more than i)...the majority of folks around here,that are like minded are too.God and Country,(over simplified,but you get the picture)...I have corrected (for my children),many a textbook...explained at length,to my oldest children,why 'they' have decided to 'change' history...o.k...correctly stated,'omit'certain aspects of history,to further their it an conspiracy theory...not surprisingly,lots of the 'teachers' in school are ignorant of our history,not 'dumb' mind you...just 'dumbed down'...young...they only saw/learned the watered down versions from our communist inspired centers of higher education.
How do we break this cycle of un-learning our history,un-learning the causes of justified rebellions ?
How do we 'teach' those that choose to ignore the fact,that those who don't learn from history,tend to repeat it ?

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Bullseye said...

Ken, our children are in for a big surprise when they grow up and learn the truth. Good for you for making sure they get it at an earlier age. Gonna link your site if that's ok. Keep fighting the Good fight.