Saturday, December 6, 2008

Don't Know Why?...I Do

...well,here goes...has been bad busy last few days...chores done(started),Christmas boxes flooding our living the task,decorating our is a fun time,don't get me wrong,i really like Christmas(not what it has become)...for us its basically family time.We don't go overboard on the lights and other bells and whistles outside...inside tho is 'generations' of things.When my wife and i started out,we had nothing for decorations(save a couple handmedowns)...we made a vow,to only use 'our' decorations,no 'bulk' see,they are all dated,some of course store bought,lots of 'hand mades',some photos in little frames,and lots of 'kidstuff'...we buy each of them an ornament,every year,dated of course(at first my wife made me because i didn't think it was a big deal) i have a ten foot tree,absolutely slap full of 'our memories'(well...not yet...only half way finished with the tree,my wife is 'carefully' unwrapping the 'memories'...she won't let me play,afraid i'll break 'em) point is,i guess,she was right,with 90% of them there is a picture in my 'minds eye' of our lives,and our familys' lives.
This is one of the 'whys'...among of the 'whys' i am the way i am...i suppose many may not 'get it'...many may not have children,many may not 'have'...reason/cause/care/faith...many may have less.
I 'prep' to protect.
I 'prep' for mine.
I 'prep' to fight 'them' that intend me or mine harm.
I 'prep','survive','fight', for mine that are MY responsibility,until they learn how to do for themselves.


HermitJim said...

Hey Ken... couldn't agree with you more about Christmas being a whole lot about the memories.

Before I retired from retail, I hated having to listen to Christmas carols starting at halloween every year...still don't like 'em much. But in setting up my Mom's tree for her every year, I get a chance to revisit old memories.

We all need to remember the reason for the season, but family is the glue that holds the holidays together...IMHO

Bullseye said...

Ken, I have a feeling you will still be fighting for them even when they can defend themselves. It's just programed into GOOD parents. I feel like you fit that description. Happy decorating, guess I better try to get some out too.

Mayberry said...

Those are the best things..... Those with significance, not storebought crap. We have ornaments from when I was born. It's a family tradition to get an ornament for everyone, every year. We date them also. Those are special......