Friday, December 10, 2010

...It Had How Many ?

...GRRHhhh 'puter''s back now...i think,we'll see?

...damn computer/net,cant live with(out)it...too late to continue with anything else of sustenance,it will,at least,get rid of the Thanksgiving post...thanx all,yer an outstanding crowd of folks...gotta lot of catchin'up to do too...

...i hate when i can't fix shit...'puters are shit... get it?


chinasyndrome said...

Glad your back up Bro! I opened mine yesterday morning and security alert said trojan horse.Every time I slam certain agencies I have problems.Coincidence I am sure!?!?


Aggie said...

I always have an image in my mind of my computer sailing through a window. I hate dealing with computer problems. You doing ok in this freezing weather? Pipes holding out?

Felinae said...

:) Hi Ken.
Glad to see you back.

You know, Catman can sometimes walk you through fixing "shit" from way over here.

He's helped SciFiChick, NorthIdahoPatriot and Bullseye before when they were having computer issues.

Just a thought to keep in mind. :) You can always shoot him an email or give him a call. He's always happy to help when he can.

I hope you and yours have a good weekend.


HermitJim said...

I seem to be running into more 'puter problems than ever before!

Wonder what the deal is? Anyway, glad you are back with us!

3oEight said...

Yay! Ken's back! Woot woot!

You should hit your computer with a wrench a couple of times. That'll solve all of your problems! Maybe use your mind powerz to fix it? Either way, you should get the troubles squared away ASAP. "Little brother" would like to see you post more often :)

Ken said...

...hey China,i never thought about that!...i have fired off some pretty nasty e-mails such thing as coincidence...

...mornin'Aggie,dang good to see ya again...this thing still giving me fits,going thru the window sounds appealing right now...harold(my'puter guy)says "hard drive dying"???...we're holding out pretty good neighbor,thanx for asking,most of the plumbing is wrapped now,should be done with it come

...hey Fel,thanx sister,i did not know he helped those guys,i will definitely keep him in mind,warn him for me,this computer is getting

...mornin'Jim,China brought up a good point,could be sabotage huh?...i have been a little more 'vocal' on some e-mails lately,i never put two and two together,but it makes sense...several people i know are "suddenly" having problems(?)

...'sup 3oEight,my manual said to kick it,it didn't a 'puter guy on the hook(he owed me a favor),soooo nuthin' that can't be fixed by throwin'money at it...i just hope it don't go belly-up until after the new year...more posts to follow,if the weather keeps me in,the more i play online...still got lots to do to prep for cold weather...

...see y'all soon