Friday, January 2, 2009


...while i was visiting a friends blog,and commenting there,i realized why i titled my last post what i did...i have a hard time keeping up with my thoughts lately,most times i segway off on a different tangent when typing.I type the title in before i do the actual some know,i rarely proof read,i don't use spell check...hell...i barely know how to 'use' the puter...i get a thought and type it.
...which leads me here,to the completion of the last post...i've been burning some hours,checking and rechecking my 'gear',rotating some of the stores,finalizing yet another 'list'.I have been going stark raving mad trying to get a handle on my 'feeling'...asking myself,that i'm not going insane(sometimes outloud...'thinking outloud' as i say)

Now comes my answer,to my own's you guys...all of you that come by for a visit,and leave me some words of your wisdom...y'all have let me know i'm not alone in this fight...y'all have givin me priceless information...y'all have given me direction...y'all have responded in kind to my questions.I wish someday i'll be able to reciprocate.

So,to make my own thought pattern even out some,i'm typing a big THANK YOU...Thanks for allowing me into your blogs,Thanks for visiting mine...Thanks for telling me my 'feelings' are not unique.My wife was more correct than i gave her credit for,awhile back she told me she was glad i was seeking out 'group therapy'

So...these things being said...WE truly are 'greater than the sum of our parts'...and in my mind at least,i've got some pretty good blood brothers out there in the world...Y'all give me added faith that WE will be alright...Come hell or high water,i'm gonna fight,fight for us,and what we believe in...Almost sounds 'corny',i know...but i had to get it off my chest.

Now is the time to 'prep' like hell,cuz 'it' is coming...i still have that other feeling too...that we're being watched...but thats another post.


Catman said...


We may be different colors, different faiths, and from different parts of this country, and we may fight among ourselves from time to time. It don't matter. No matter where we go in this world, we're Americans. Glad you're one of us, brother.

HermitJim said...

Catman's right! Our togetherness is our true strength! Strength in minded people standing together, learning from each other, sharing what we know, offering ideas for discussion, and with the same basic goals in mind.

I'm proud to be associated with all you guys !

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Dude, the movie title i remember is "Father Knows Best". In your case, title it "Woman Knows..." i feel safe siding with the wifie; don't this "group therapy" beat all?!?

I bet we WILL, when needs...

Catman, you're right; we ain't so different. It's Ideals. Glad YOU are one of 'us'...

Hermit... no way to begin to repay the gratitude i feel towards you. But then this ain't "water" between us, is it?!?

Badass post, Ken... Let's keep standing.

Hell, what else? i ain't layin' down 'till the gods deem it time...

On the morrow, fellow travelers.


Bullseye said...

Good post Ken, you are not alone. It makes me feel much better knowing that other out there know how I feel and understand my concern over what's going on in the world. Thanks fo visiting my blog and leaveing me words of encouragment too. Good to have a like minded friend to share thoughts with.

scoutinlife said...

We are all across this land my friend!Keep up the good work on your blog!

Staying Alive said...

I start my day reading the other bloggers. It's damn fine knowing they are out there and have words of effort and hope. KensWorld is on my list Every. Day. Keep going m'man. We'll all get there!


Shy Wolf said...

Ken- and what makes you think you ain't reciprocating all ready?
Keep up the good fight, my Friend- we'll make it yet. We stand together, one Voice, united in spirit and growing in each others' wisdom. And that, my Man, is a damn fine feeling!
Keep preppin', God bless.

Preparedwarrior said...

I include you in my daily readings. Fine blog it is too. It is comforting to know that there are lot of fellow preppers out there.

We are all going to need group therapy to survive what the future holds for us. Tough times ahead, but I have a gut feeling we will make because we have had the foresight to plan and prepare.

Mayberry said...

No sweat Ken, that's what we're here for... Together we stand!

Catman said...


Just checking to see if you're okay. Haven't seen you on, and you sounded kinda down the last few posts.

Drop me a line:

Ken said...

Catman...not down focus,new plan of attack really....if ya can come back later to read the reasons(coming in next post)