Thursday, January 1, 2009

It Starts...'2009'

...Mid Day's after one now...about time to type a few thoughts,lots to do this newyear.I'm proud of what we have done so far...But...i have so much yet to it enough of this ? do i have enough of that ?...Well,to ask myself these questions is to invite the unknown...i started simply enough,stocking 'food' items,planning for breaks in the transportation of 'foods' supplies.We're 'mildly' rural here,one of several small towns,surrounding 'ciy',in NE Mississipp.Started as 'weather related disaster' preps...weathering ice storms,and a couple huge tornadoes was enough to tell myself i was doing 'good'...we ate,was warm,had transportation,helped out others,with some of our 'excess'...even as i 'seen' others sufferin' a great deal,no food/or very little,no 'car' cuz no gas,minimal heat because ? electricity.I could only 'help' a 'few',although many saw i was prepared and 'asked' for my assistance/help(most were subtle and respectful...a couple were a$$holes)..and this was only after a couple/three days,into a six day power outage.My/Our help was delivered to those we know with kids...Sorry folk's...grown-ups are on their own...
As i said,this was only after a short period of inclement weather.What are these folk's gonna do when the baloon goes up...i aint helpin' no one but me/mine...sorry in advance,but, me/mine WILL come first.Several i/we know,will 'clan' up after the 'opening salvos' are complete.I believe these are the days of said 'opening salvos'...
(after a 40 some minutes of helping tear down the decorations hiatus)
As i said,i think the last few months,leading up to today,are the begining of 'the end'...the end of my republic,the end of the great expirement,maybe the end of it all.Possibly the end of any 'free' society/persons...think about it...we're the last...'we' are all thats left,'us' and 'ours'...'preppers' and 'survivalists',call us what you will(and i've been called it all) we are the last line of defense of liberty and freedom,a very small percentage of the whole...95% of 'the world' is tyrannical[greek.turannos,an unconstitutional ruler]...the other 5%,is tribal/isolated/desolated/disbanded...all by design may i remind you,'they' began 'their' plan decades largest regret,is i didn't 'wake up' sooner.I'm not boisterous of my plan(being a 'prepper'/'survivalist')however i tell any and all,i speak at length with,my opinion of the future events,yet to unfold.Some are receptive,some expectant such as myself,most are blissfully ignorant.Choosing to ignore the current state of affairs.Thinking everything will 'be alright'...
My overall plan is always in motion..."if the 'zombies' do 'this',i will do 'that"...kind of scenario.I don't do anything without those 'thoughts' crossing my wife knows my mannerism,she can tell with a glance,what frame of mind i'm in.Others are not so perceptive,she says i scare my young'uns when i "get that way"...acceptable says i...everything has a price...
(another 35 minutes missing to tear down the tree)
...anyway...all things considered,i got a couple acres(now barren,but the mess that was my burned out camper is cleaned up) and my 'homestead' here 'in town'...this is where the line in the sand is,this is where me/mine will make our last stand.If we need to 'go to ground',i have the 'property' to fall back to...
In my current mindset,as i 'prep' the house,i will alter my plans enough to begin 'preppin' anew at the 'property'...i will prep what i have,starting now,with a 'end of the world as we know it' attitude...i got the feeling(as many do too evidently)that we,as a functioning republic,are in the end of our reign,we have been sold out...Yes,2009 wil be very interesting indeed.


To paraphrase a couple lines from a favorite movie:

"How can ya shoot women...and children..?"

"easy...ya jus' don't lead'em so much...aint war hell..."


Catman said...

Hey Ken,

Happy new year to you. I noticed in your blog, and please do not take this as criticism of grammar or spelling, that you said "the end of my republic,the end of the great expirement,maybe the end of it all."

Experiment? Expirement....I think maybe your subconscious is telling us something.

Expirement...yeah, there will be many expiring all right.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

i hope you're wrong too, ken; i hope when the culling (EXPIREMENT! love it...)takes place it is the 5% that are left, and true freedom and liberty will be restored.
wonder often if i didn't start too late, but i've started; tell myself doing each day what i can is all i can do.
sure not gonna sit around and not keep prepping, 'hoping it'll all be alright'.
It already ISN'T.

best to you and yours, ken.


HermitJim said...

I think a lot of folks are about due for a major attitude adjustment.

Treesong had a real good post about meeting some folks face to face that were facing up to the fact they were unprepared. More of that to come, I'm afraid!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Ken- in response to your query yesterday on Bison's post ("your thoughts?).
Something triggered in my mind the 'Victory Garden" mindset of the WWII era; i've been and am down on the sheeple, but suddenly i think a few, albeit a VERY few (nice to see better than another 5%) might surprise 'us'.
For 'their' sakes, i hope so...
anyhow, 5% less ammo is 5% less, non?


Anonymous said... guys...i didnt catch i'm really freaked out...thanx Catman(i think)...maybe a little too quick in thought,to type,translation...? Ken